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Elegant and sophisticated, the Quadra collection evokes the retro charm of iconic furnishings of the past. Formal cleanliness and aesthetic research of proportions join together to give life to a new product, capable of making the kitchen space as the natural continuation of our personality.





A door with formal aesthetic cleanliness that rhythmically frames each element, a basic handle that discreetly conceals its function. 

A functional kitchen, where the interior spaces are divided in an increasingly organized and practical way. Drawers and baskets with high-quality materials and a strong aesthetic impact.

Fluid and continuous spaces thanks to the tall units that hide a real equipped wall inside them, appliances, open shelving, and pull-out accessories for a perfect multifunctional space.

Staved boiserie and glass wall units, a wall with open shelvings that combines the kitchen space with the dining area without formal and aesthetic interruptions.

Fully equipped base units organize the space in an easy and rational way. The contrast of volumes between the monolithic island and the display cabinet with the enlighted smoked glass doors.



Tall units are in Grigio Gabbiano lacquer with practical pull-out compartments. A kitchen with essential shapes that combines formal cleanliness and operating space.

A single large space where the various operating areas alternate with formal and aesthetic continuity. The Arkè corner composition becomes an integral part of the environment, blending harmoniously with it.

The practical Bridge accessories above the worktop and the breakfast table in Oak Terra, make it a versatile space, which perfectly adapts to the continuous evolutions of today's kitchen concept.

The tall units in metal Titanium Oxidized lacquer are lightened thanks to the boiserie paneling with iron shelves, which interrupts its continuity. The classic vision of the containers is enriched with open spaces releasing them from their usual function.

Strong personality and contemporary spirit for the composition that mixes Arkè and Quadra elements.

Pietra Greystone for the island worktop with doors in thermo-structured Piombo HM05 Grigio, while the Carbone Oak breakfast table highlights the linearity of the volume.

The suspended element with Bridge accessories emphasizes the versatility of the product, breaking the boundary between the living room and the kitchen environment.

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